New Feature: Prompt to Create Session

Hey there Foresight Sports users! We are super excited to share with you the latest update that has been rolled out in version 1.2. Brace yourselves for an even more seamless experience as we introduce a fantastic new feature!
Now, whenever a shot is received by the app but no session has been started, we'll give you a friendly heads-up and ask if you'd like to create a new session. How cool is that? This small but mighty enhancement is designed to make sure you never miss a beat during your golf sessions with Foresight Sports.
At Foresight Sports, we are always striving to make your user experience top-notch, and this latest addition is another step in that direction. Your feedback and ideas are what drive us to keep innovating and improving, so keep them coming!
Get ready to elevate your game with Foresight Sports as we continue to bring you more exciting updates and features. Stay tuned for more game-changing enhancements coming your way soon. Swing on!

Firmware Update Capability Added for ForeCaddy Gen1.5

Our team at Foresight Sports has been hard at work to bring you an exciting new feature that many of you have been asking for – the ability to update the firmware on your ForeCaddy Gen1.5. We've listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce that this functionality is now live with the latest update, 1.1.1!
With this new update, you can easily keep your ForeCaddy up-to-date by installing the latest firmware whenever it becomes available. Say goodbye to missing out on new features, improvements, and fixes – now you can ensure your device is always running smoothly and efficiently.
We're dedicated to continuously enhancing your experience with our products, and this firmware update feature is just one example of how we're striving to meet your needs. We hope you're as excited about this new addition as we are, and we can't wait for you to try it out. Get ready to elevate your ForeCaddy experience with the latest firmware update!

Introducing Shot Session Library in 1.3 Update!

Hey Foresight Sports users, we're thrilled to share the latest update with you! In version 1.3 of our Shot Session Library, we've brought to life a highly requested feature that will take your game analysis to the next level.
Now, you can easily track your progress and performance by viewing your previous Shot Sessions effortlessly. Our new implementation allows you to access your sessions sorted by date, starting from the most recent ones. This means you can quickly dive into your latest stats and insights without any hassle.
Whether you're fine-tuning your swing or perfecting your short game technique, having your Shot Sessions in the palm of your hand make it a breeze to monitor your development over time. Stay on top of your game and make informed decisions based on your performance trends—all thanks to this user-friendly update!
Upgrade to version 1.3 now and make the most out of this exciting addition to the Shot Session Library. We can't wait to hear how this feature elevates your experience with Foresight Sports. Keep swinging, keep improving, and keep enjoying the game! ⛳

Introducing FSX Live Login: Your Gateway to Personalized Foresight Sports Experience

Exciting news, Foresight Sports enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the latest update, implemented in 1.2, that brings a game-changing feature to your fingertips – the all-new FSX Live Login! 🚀
With this fresh addition, you can now effortlessly sign up or log in to your FSX Live account directly through the Foresight App. Imagine the convenience of tailored notifications, secure storage and retrieval of your shot sessions in the cloud, seamless management of your software licenses, and easy registration of your launch monitors – all within a few taps on your device!
Our team has been hard at work to make your Foresight experience even more personalized and user-friendly. The FSX Live Login is designed to elevate your interaction with our products, giving you greater control and accessibility to your data while enhancing your overall golf simulation journey. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of convenience and efficiency with this latest update!
Stay ahead of the game and make the most out of your Foresight Sports devices with the FSX Live Login feature. Sign up or log in today to experience a seamless integration of your favorite tools and resources, customized just for you. Let's tee off to a new era of innovation together – because at Foresight Sports, the future of golf simulation is in your hands. Swing by swing, we're here to elevate your game!

New Feature: Cloud Shot Data Upload Implemented in 1.3

 Hey there, Foresight Sports users! We're beyond excited to roll out the latest game-changing update for our system, version 1.3. Hold onto your hats because we've just made your shot data management a breeze with the all-new "Upload Shot Data to the Cloud" feature! 
 Say goodbye to the hassle of manually organizing and tracking your shot sessions. With this update, your shot data will be seamlessly uploaded to the Foresight cloud as soon as the session is completed, allowing you to save and access your session data effortlessly over time. Whether you're fine-tuning your swing or analyzing your performance, your shot data will now be securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need it. 
 Picture this: every shot you take is automatically synced to the cloud, as long as you're logged into your FSX Live account. Even if you find yourself in an internet dead zone, fret not! Your shots will be saved locally and synced to the cloud as soon as you regain internet connectivity. It's like having your own personal caddie, keeping track of your progress every step of the way. 
 So, what are you waiting for? Update to version 1.3 now and elevate your game with the "Upload Shot Data to the Cloud" feature. Let's make managing your shot data as smooth as your swing! 

v1.0.1 (Aug. 4, 2023)

Common to iOS and Android
  • Tag count not displayed on Shot Group icon.
  • Backing out of a new session takes the user to the Club and Tags screen.
  • Shot Tile settings do not persist across sessions.
  • Shot Tile averages are to 2 decimal points of precision, Shot Tile values are 1 decimal point of precision, with exception of Efficiency.
  • Shot Tile data missing: Curve, Descent Angle
New Features (iOS)
  • Bluetooth permission message pops up first time connecting.
  • EULA shows up after restart.
  • Shot Tile data missing: Face to Curve, Descent Angle.
  • Lag in loading data tiles in the tile selection drawer and in the club select screen.
  • Hide zero count videos.
  • Remove “Enabling Launch Events”.
New Features (Android)
  • Serial Number Find not working
  • Club List loads slowly or only partially.
  • Tag count not displayed on Shot Group icon.
  • Connecting to Launch Pro is slow compared to GCQuad.
  • Scan Nearby Devices stops scanning after finding first device.
  • Splash screen has old logo.

v1.0.2 Hotpatch (Aug. 15, 2023)

Common to iOS and Android
  • Edit Shot Groups
  • Delete Shot Groups
  • Edit Shots
  • Delete Shots
  • Phone remains awake while on Shot Tile screen
  • Shot Tiles return all data
  • Resolved issues with EULA and connection indicator